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Mission: Accomplished! is an RPG of Super-spies and office meetings inspired by shows like Archer, The Venture Brothers, and Better Off Ted. You are a team of highly trained super-spies who spend every day saving the world, and no one is better than you. But that's the easy part of the job... 

Once the mission is over, it's time to sit down with your friendly HR manager and hash things out as a team. Finger pointing, credit stealing, and unfounded accusations against your teammates are your weapons in the meeting room. Your job, no, your DUTY as a secret agent, is to get as much credit as possible for being the one that saved the day. 

Play is satirical, collaborative, and takes about two hours, including character creation.

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Approved by Mission Control

If you'd like to create something inspired by Mission: Accomplished, the short answer is: Go, do it, make something weird and goofy and fun.

If you'd like something with some more guidance on what that might look like, if having system reference resources is something valuable to you, here is an SRD for Mission: Accomplished!, entitled Approved by Mission Control.

It includes a detailed breakdown of the mechanics, limitations of the license, some guidance on why Mission: Accomplished! plays the way it does, and a logo for inspired works, designed by Paulomi Pratap.

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CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorJeff Stormer
TagsComedy, satire


Buy Now$12.00 USD or more

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