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The life of an adventurer is nothing if not dangerous.

Every time a group of heroes descend into a dungeon, they do so with the acceptance that they might not come back. And if they do come back, they might lack the conviction to go back.

But what happens after they leave the story, by choice or by grave?

The world takes notice.

Heroes learn lessons. Actions become tall tales and tall tales become legends. Friends carry on. Family members pay respects. Their memory echoes, not just across the world, but across the multiverse, now and forever.

This is their Dungeon Legacy.

And as the world celebrates their Dungeon Legacy, we celebrate it as well. We change the game in their memory — not just the game we’re playing now, but any games we play in the future.

Our heroes learn their skills. Their enemies whisper their name in fear. And the generations that come after stand on their shoulders to achieve things they never could before.

That is OUR Dungeon Legacy.

Dungeon Legacies are a proof-of-concept for adding Legacy-style mechanics into OSR and *DREAM-style RPGs. Character death unlocks new abilities for all characters who come after, making each generation different and more powerful than the last.

We adventure. We die. We come back stronger.


Writing: Jeff Stormer
Cover Art: Jack Holliday
Some additional artwork © 2015 Patricia Smith, used with permission. All rights reserved.

All text in Dungeon Legacies is is available under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 International license.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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