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You have become haunted by a vengeful spirit taking the form of Jonathan Frakes, beloved actor of stage and screen.  He wants your attention — a laugh, a glance, a respond to a myriad of strange, seemingly innocuous questions.

And yet, you know that even the slightest response will be all it takes for him to consume your soul and condemn you to hell for eternity.

Can you survive?

Players: 2

Play Time: As long as it takes to complete a household chore

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
AuthorJeff Stormer
TagsTwo Player


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Jonathan Frakes Wants Your Attention And You Must Not Give It To Him - The Haunted.pdf 38 kB
Jonathan Frakes Wants Your Attention And You Must Not Give It To Him - The Vengeful Ghost.pdf 49 kB


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For a game that feels like it'd be good for a five minute laugh at most, it had a large group of grown adults laughing for nearly an entire five day long camping trip.

We exchanged the role of the Frakes phantom to ask the wildest, yet innocuous questions in order to distract each other from whatever mundane task we might be trying to complete. (camping has a lot of little chores that are perfect for this game)

Simple, light-hearted fun in the most absurd and amazing version of a "try not to laugh" game, where half the fun is coming up with the questions for the next time you get to do the haunting.)