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This is an imaginary story (which may never happen, but which then again may),
About someone with great power, who chose to use that power only for the good of all.

Anyone Can Wear The Mask is a tabletop RPG about a superhero, a supervillain, and the city they share. Throughout play, you’ll record the adventures of a great hero as they defend their city, stand up to those in power, and eventually confront a terrible nemesis. You’ll draw maps, roll dice, pull cards from a deck, and make a living record of the city and its people.

Unmasked Edition

To raise money to pay for interior spot art, we're releasing the game in its initial format, with a cover and interior layout (called the Unmasked Edition) immediately. Once we've sold enough copies to pay for interior art, we'll update the itchio page with the full game at a price of $20, and anyone who purchased the Unmasked Edition will get it for free. Think of it as an early access discount!

About the Game

  • Players: 1 to 3
  • Required Materials: A standard 54-card deck of playing cards (with Jokers); 3 to 5 six-sided dice; a journal and materials to write with


  • Writing: Jeff Stormer
  • Based On: Beyond the Rift by Dee Pennyway
  • Layout: Background and designs by Leo Cheung
  • Art: Cover & spot illustration by Elijah Forbes 
  • Special Thanks: Jen Frank, Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, and Jack Kirby

Stretch Goals

We have a lot of exciting plans in mind to help make Anyone Can Wear the Mask even better:

  • $750: We'll have enough money to pay for all internal art in the game! Unlocked: Art is commissioned and underway!
  • $1,750: We will write & release a set of pre-built scenarios (with information on the Hero's powerset, notable locations and neighborhoods in the City, and the types of threats a Villain might throw into the mix) to help players dive into the game, and design and release a template for for designers who want to contribute content of their own. Unlocked: Anyone Can Wear the Masks: CityScapes volume 1 is currently being written.
  • $2,750: We will record an audiobook version of the game, as voiced by professional voice actor and All My Fantasy Children guest host Aaron Catano-Saez. Unlocked: The audiobook has been commissioned and is underway!
  • $4,250: We will commission five new pre-built example scenarios from guest writers, to give new players even more ways to dive into the game, and explore how to use Anyone Can Wear the Mask in cool new ways.

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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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Community Copies

For each copy of Anyone Can Wear the Mask, sold, a copy of the game is made available to members of the community for whom the listed price would be a hardship. If you are unable to purchase a copy of the game at full price, please claim one of these free copies, no questions asked.

Build a Scenario!

Buy at this level, and in addition to a copy of the game, Jeff will work with you to create your own custom scenario (complete with powers for the Hero, noteworthy locations & neighborhoods for the City, and potential threats for the Villain), which will then be made available for everyone who buys the game.

Run a Game!

Buy at this level, and in addition to a digital copy of the game, Jeff will run a custom game of Anyone Can Wear the Mask for you and a friend.

Download demo

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Development log


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Listened to a couple of podcasts running the game. It sounds like an absolutely grand old time. The way I've been doing the math on time for how a full-length game runs, looks like it will be longer than the advertised 2-6 hours with how many cards it takes minimum to get to the Downfall. Maybe take some away due to Collateral Damage, though it'll still be a while, maybe a game not finished in one sitting. What might you recommend for a shortened game?

Great question! I'm going to add this as a note in the back of the book, but: What I've been doing for shorter APs is instead of using a full deck, pulling the top 10 cards off and using that as my "deck." The only thing to make sure of when you do this is, if there are any kings in the mini-deck you've pulled, that you add in the Ace of the corresponding suit. Then, just shuffle in the Joker into the back half of your mini-deck as usual.

I listened to the Character Creation Cast series on this game. I'm really excited to give it a try!


Picked this up after I heard it on Character Creation Cast and One Shot today, and I'm looking forward to when I get to play this with my friends. This is a cool game. Keep up the cool creative work.


This looks amazing! And exactly what I want in my superhero stories (and why Superman will always be my favorite)! Are you planning to do a print run at some point? I'm 100% getting this, but would love to have it on my shelf if it's an option. Thanks!

No plans for a print run right now (primarily because, at ~10 pages, it doesn't make a ton of sense to print), but once we have some pregen scenarios and additional content, it might make sense to do so! We did format it in a print-friendly size... just in case. :)


Just finished two runs of Anyone Can Wear the Mask as a solo player, and loved it. The rules encourage recurring characters, building to dramatic climaxes, all of the things that make extended superhero runs so satisfying. I'd been looking for something that emulated the feel of superhero comics for a long time, and this definitely does it.


This is easily one of the best games for emulating the sheer joy and beauty of superhero media.

If you like the best of superhero comics, you need to pick this up